Pez Flute

Happy Easter!  This is absolutely my favorite holiday. I love the warm spring days, the daffodils, the Easter baskets brimming with candy. It’s a celebration of new life. This year promises to be fun because our kids are at great ages. They understand that the Easter bunny will come and that there will be a big egg hunt in the morning. For them it’s like having a Christmas in the spring.

After racing through the hunt and devouring who knows how much candy, it was time to dress them up, pull them away from the fun and drag them to church. My Dad watches this process with a wry smile, clearly reminiscing. He says to me above the din of complaints from the kids; “they’ll be in good company”. In spite of how incredibly agitated I am with the kids his comment makes me laugh. He remembers being in my shoes and dragging us away from our candy while we complained about our uncomfortable clothes and how long the service was. I remember it too.

We told the kids they could select one item to bring to church to keep them occupied. Somehow we managed to get a good pew. Being on-time to an Easter service usually means standing room only but we lucked out. The kids were good, the homily was short, and the children’s choir was adorable. They were accompanied by a flutist which sounded lovely. Our youngest was on the end of the pew and his toy of choice to bring to church was a long tube that contained a Pez dispenser. My husband taps me on the shoulder to look at our son. He had a direct view of the flutist and was mirroring her by playing his own Pez flute. Good choice.