Dress to impress?

I am familiar with how little girls like to dress up.  They are frequently spotted at the supermarket in their tutus and princess dresses.  Often times they want to show you their latest shoes, skirt or pocketbook.  But what about boys of the same age?  Well I’m here to tell you we can go toe to nail polished toe with you.  It just happens we don’t call it “dressing up”.  We call it accessorizing.

Our #2 has been about accessorizing since he developed his pincher grasp and was able to hold a pair of sunglasses.  He dons something most days.  We went a whole summer with a baseball hat on.  You could say lucky for me with regard to the sun however, he sported it backwards.  This fall he was Darth Vader for a solid two months.  I purchased the costume September 23rd and he proceeded to wear it daily until at least Thanksgiving.  It may have been Christmas dare I exaggerate.

One night my husband almost woke the kids up laughing when he checked on them before bed.  I had pulled out the bin of summer clothes that day and somewhere between the time he was tucked in to the time we went to bed, he had put on a pair of sunglasses and a baseball hat and fell asleep with them on.  My husband has a photo that I need to insert here.

Tonight I found him in a one piece flotation device bathing suit that he had to step into and then put his arms through.  At least he put it over his pajamas.  It can’t be comfortable.  I’m wondering if all the rain we’ve had over the past month has caused him to worry that he’ll be swept away in a current!

Another subliminal foreshadowing may be his penchant for red shirts.  Could this play out in his athletic future?  It is hard to know.  However for two weeks now he has been in a uniform of a plain red shirt and navy sweatpants.  Thankfully I have several of each and a girlfriend of mine also helped contribute to the stash to ease the stress of getting the laundry done on time.

So I wonder, how will this pan out in the future.  Will he be the kid that takes his “back to school clothing allowance” and spend the entire wad on one must have item?  Will he be the kid that sets the trend or chooses his own dress code?  Will he and I stand toe to toe each morning arguing about what he wears to school?  Just ask my parents, I can do battle on this one, I’ve been on the other side!