Where the Wild Things Are…Turns Out, Right Here!


“…and they roared their terrible roars and they gnashed their their terrible teeth…”  We’ve been reading “Where the Wild Things Are” almost nightly around here; good old Max up to his mischief.  I’m glad that Mr. Sendak only gives a few brief examples of these devious acts that get Max sent to his room.  No new ideas  needed around here thank you very much.  My little guy has a harder time staying focused during story time until I get to this book and then he is all ears.  He has this connection with Max.  If I pause at the right spot, he’ll even tell me exactly how Max can tame these wild things:  “Juss look into the eyes, no bleekin’ Mommy!”

I love the pace of this book.  It is a short read but I can feel myself getting on the boat with Max and departing for a moment from the craziness of the bedtime routine.  I am certain the kids can feel it too.  They revel in the fact that Max is a bigger trouble maker and his world is wilder and crazier than theirs!  But the best message in the book is that Max yearns to be where “someone loves him best of all”.  At this point in the book I paused to ask my oldest what that meant.  Without hesitation he told me clearly that Max wanted to be with his mom, that his mom loved him best of all.  I gave him a big shoulder squeeze, a kiss on the forehead and when he looked up at me a wink.  And so when my wild things are roaring and gnashing I pray that they will always know that Mom and Dad love them best of all.