And the Circus Came to Town

Gramma treated our family to the circus today.  And what a treat it was.  After what I witnessed today, I believe they have the right to call it the “Greatest Show on Earth”.  We got there early to enjoy the action of the pre-show.  I never knew this but if you go an hour early you can walk around on the floor and see some of the performers right up close.  There are all sorts of things going on.  There are clowns putting on their makeup, racks of retired costumes, jugglers, a motorcycle and an elephant painting a picture.  Everywhere you looked was a photo opportunity.

We had the best seats in the house (go Gramma!).  Seriously, they were in the front row.  I’ve never had front row seats before.  My closest experience with front row seats is at library story time.  Does it still count as front row seating if there are no other rows?  I didn’t think so.  So you can imagine how excited I was.  And even though the circus was for the kids, I think I had the best time of all.

And as if our seats weren’t incredible enough, they called our section out onto the main floor to watch the strong man and motorcycle perform their acts.  Our youngest was actually shaking a little at first being in the middle of it all.  It was spectacular to see these performers at arm’s length.

We watched each act without blinking and sometimes without breathing.  Does anyone breath while watching a tightrope walker?  Each act was truly amazing.  I marveled as the Chinese acrobats launched themselves through suspended hula hoops while bouncing across trampolines.  And I adored seeing the elephants parade out and balance on metal stools.  They are such gentle giants.  How can a nine thousand pound animal move so gracefully?  I make more noise coming into the kitchen in the morning to make coffee.

No trip to the circus would be complete without programs and souvenirs.  There were endless tables set up with all sorts of blinking and swirling contraptions.  I wondered what the boys would pick out and let Daddy take the lead.  That way it would be his fault I would have a headache next week until the batteries wore out!  But I was surprised.  Out of all the things, they both picked a giant plastic Excalibur sword with a red sheath; no batteries, no lights, no sound.  They were thrilled with their selection and I was momentarily speechless.

We left the circus having just had “the Greatest Time on Earth”.