High Tea on the Hill

Today I was invited to a Mother’s Day Tea at my son’s pre-school.  I have to say that I was really looking forward to my date with my boy.  Since today was a special day, I dressed up a bit.  But my feet weren’t used to such fancy footwear that I found myself sporting pearls and Spiderman band-aids, definitely a fashion no-no.  My son’s would think it was cool that I had selected Spiderman over Curious George or Snoopy.  So I went with it.

The kids were all waiting quietly for us on the circle time rug and the second my son spotted me he jumped up with a boisterous “MOM”, ran over to me and had me take a seat next to him.  He reminded me of a puppy wiggling around with all his excitement.  I sat next to him savoring every second of this love.  The kids sang a cute welcome song and then moved onto calendar and weather.  My guy was the weatherman this week.  He got up and thoughtfully looked out the window to make his observation and then carefully moved the dial to “snowy”, looked around at his audience and burst into laughter at his calculated joke.  Everyone laughed.  He proceeded to repeat the process as he moved us through “sleet” then “cloudy” until he finally settled on “partly sunny”.  His little joke got all the nervousness out of his friends and made everyone smile.  I sat there amazed at how much he has grown up this year.  My once serious, literal and soft spoken boy had developed the confidence to have a little fun.

Tea time was delicious.  We were treated to iced green tea and a delicious snack.  Nothing says high tea at pre-school then a finger licking dollop of frozen pudding between two graham crackers.  It was delicious, messy and none of us left a crumb!

Because it was determined that it was not snowy, sleeting, or cloudy, we headed to the playground to enjoy the gorgeous day.  My guy went straight for the sandbox.  I quickly looked at my overrated footwear and ditched them all together at the edge of the box.  The cool sand felt great and I enjoyed being totally in the action with my boy.  We dug with over-sized shovels looking for treasures.  We buried my feet.  We made castles.  We had a great time.

Back inside, a lunch buffet was awaiting us with Dominos pizza, fruit cups and juice boxes.  My guy knew the drill, grabbed his plate and was already eating by the time I was ready to look for a seat.  Too bad for me, he was already sitting next to his friends.  He assured me that he was fine and wanted to sit with his friends.  Okay, I thought to myself, thinking how nice it was that he was so comfortable and self-assured.  Don’t worry about me.  I’ll just have my lunch over here.

After lunch I took a look at some of the bulletin boards of the kids projects.  One was covered in bank checks made out to “Mom” for one million dollars with what they would buy mom noted in the memo.  What would I get I wondered?  One mom is going to get a bracelet and another mom some shoes.  I found mine and lucky for me it was just what I was hoping for, a “large, red squirt gun”.  Isn’t that what every mom wants for Mother’s Day?


Our special day was coming to an end.  It was everything I had hoped for and so much more.  The best gift of the day was seeing how comfortable and confident my boy is at school and how much fun he is having.  So thank you to the Top of the Hill pre-school for that incredible gift!

Mother’s Day – already sharing my present


Me using my Mother's Day present.

Me using my Mother’s Day present.