Weighing In

Is five years too long to take to loose the baby weight?  How about three?  Then there is Heidi Klum on the cover of last month’s Marie Claire.  She agreed to do their photo shoot just five weeks post-childbirth.  I think Heidi Klum is gorgeous and wish I could credit that amazing feat with the touch of an air brush but she’s probably the real deal.  Naturally I write this while snacking on Chex mix as the baby carrots nap safely in the vegetable crisper.

Am I still chasing baby weight?  No.  It is just simply weight at this point: four years postpartum I should take the responsibility.  I wonder if I will get back to the weight that I was pre-children but it just doesn’t seem so important to me these days.  Most of those clothes that would serve as a barometer of my former figure are long gone.  I gave them away telling myself that they were out of style, but really, who needs to be reminded that they just don’t fit the same way.  I remember exactly what number the scale read before I had my kids.  I also wonder why that number is so unforgettable when it is so unimportant.

I shared the Heidi Klum story with a girlfriend yesterday.  She believes that Heidi is on the “raw diet”; the one that Demi Moore does.  We both agreed, good for them, because we are not interested in that amount of self discipline.  Then we applauded ourselves for being much more fun and not so serious about our diet.  Why would we pass up on some sinful desserts, a glass of wine or a chance to try a new restaurant with good friends?  We laughed and said our bodies reflect good times and the warmth of good friendships.

Food is love.  Everyone knows this.  I battle daily trying to get my oldest to eat something healthy.  Would you believe me if I told you that there is absolutely zero vegetable consumption going on.  It’s true.  We are pure proof that you can reach the 100th percentile in height and 75th in weight on pancakes, white bread, milk and Cheerios.  Genetics does play its part though.  Dinner last night was a stick of butter wrapped up in a piece of white bread.  “Mom”, he says, “I’m in butter land!”  I tried to ignore this as I piled up strawberries and melon on to my other son’s plate.  Maybe these nutrients will travel to his older brother through osmosis and brotherly love.  I take heart in some wisdom I picked up along the way….you spend the first eight years trying to get your kids to eat and the next eight years trying to get them to stop.  I’m in the latter eight myself.  Hope to see you there.