The Big Question

It is after dinner and the boys and I are playing in the gorgeous sunlight on the swing set.  There is no better time of the day; the sun is soft, the day is almost over and whatever didn’t get done today will certainly be there tomorrow.  My oldest has rigged a pulley system using the dog’s leash and a sand pail.  Meanwhile #2 and I search the yard to find treasures to put in the bucket.  We find all sorts of things; grass clippings, dandelions, a broken pinwheel, a figurine of an armless Captain America.  Isn’t that how all figurines end up; armless, headless or legless in the lawn.  I’m glad we were able to rescue him.

We exhaust the pulley system game and the two boys settle back to back on the glider swing.  #1 is facing me as I push him and suddenly asks, “Mom, is there a baby in your belly?”.  I guess this sweatshirt isn’t doing my figure any favors.  I tell him no, there is no baby.  “Why not Mommy, don’t you want another baby?” he asks.  I smile and assure him that I already have the two children I want.  Then he looks me squarely in the eyes and asks, “Well if you wanted one more how would you get one?”.  Clearly I didn’t answer this one fast enough because he repeats the question a little louder.  At this point I start to laugh.  My child is young enough to still want to be pushed on a swing and he is already asking me this question point blank.  I continue to laugh and he continues to ask.  I guess I need to answer him at this point because we are in a no end volley.  So I tell him that you ask for a baby.  He doesn’t buy it.  “No Mom” he says, “how do you get one.”  I decide to elaborate.  “You ask God for a baby” I tell him.  That did it.  He was satisfied enough to move his attention to his brother and his real estate position on the swing.  I was out of the hot seat.

I wonder what he’ll say to me tomorrow over Cheerios when he asks God for a baby tonight in his prayers.