Like a Broken Record

We are in the car (when are we not?) and my oldest continues with the age game.  “How old is so and so?” “Are they older than me?”  “Who is older Joe or Jane?”.  On and on it goes.  “Kiddo”, I say, “you sound like a broken record“.  And there you have it, just like that, I reference something that his generation doesn’t know.

Luckily I can show him what a record player is.  My Mom saved my old record player along with some “Read Along Books” and some random 45’s.  It’s a big hit when we go to Nani and Grampa’s.  The oldest knows how to carefully place the record on the turntable and lower the needle.  We had a few rap sessions while he was learning; scratching the vinyl and all.  The kids lie on their bellies with their knees bent, feet in the air and chins resting in their palms as the record player narrates “The Little Red Hen” or the “Tortoise and the Hare”.  It’s scratchy, skips, sometimes plays on the wrong speed and is totally fantastic!

When friends come to visit the kids can’t wait to show them this strange relic.  On one occasion we were all invited to a party; second floor, second door on the right, knock three times.  These little dudes knew how to host!  The lights were dim, the music loud and there were even snacks put out which were stolen from the kitchen while we were wondering what the kids were up to.  Their music of choice was a song by the Simon Sisters: “Winkin, Blinkin and Nod”.  They played it fast.  They played it slow.  They passed the Chex mix and M&M’s and we all had a great time.  In another year or two, these kids will realize that this is a fail proof way to extend their bedtime.

Tonight, at our own home, my kids invited me to listen to their CD player play “Sing Along Disney” with Larry Groce.  We finished with a read along CD of “This is the House that Jack Built”.  It was fun but not quite the same as listening to a record player with the anticipation of the needle falling to the vinyl and the tell tale crackle as it goes round and round – like a broken record.