CVS: Your Local Spa

I was feeling a little down the other day and aggravated in general.  The next morning I found myself with an hour to spare.  I should have spent that time at the gym but instead, I pulled into my local CVS for some seemingly necessary item.  I’m not sure I ever purchased said item but I sure got what I needed by the time I came out. 

Who knew that CVS could be the “spa” in my backyard I needed that morning.  I picked up a basket and decided to take a walk down each aisle to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything that I might need.  First stop, makeup!  Mind you now, I am completely on my own.  Neither my usual helper or my trusty assistant are there to offer advise or distraction.  I wondered if I would be able to select what I needed without all this help.  As it turns out, I was able to choose quite a bit.  In fact, the spa at CVS would run me about $1 per minute that day.  The same price as a massage.

I picked out several new nail polish colors, some eye shadow, liner, and foamy facial cleaner that promised gorgeous skin.  This was turning out to be a very successful visit.  My only challenge would be figuring out how to apply the makeup or having someplace to wear it.  I could work out those details later and was feeling better already.

Located at the end of the makeup aisle are the “Shoebox” greeting cards.  I love Shoebox humor.  That “tiny little division of Hallmark” packs a big punch line.  I started reading the cards from birthday to get well and everything in between.  By the time I was a few cards in, I was laughing out loud.  I bought several.  Some I would mail that day and some I would tuck away for upcoming birthdays;  be forewarned!

By the time my hour was up, I was feeling relaxed and recharged.  I had laughed out loud and I had goodies in my shopping bag that I could enjoy later while looking forward to a fabulous night out on the town all dolled up with my husband.  I highly recommend this “spa” to anyone in need of a lift.  Prices and hours may vary but results will be good.