Who Wears White Shorts?

Here’s a question for you….

Question: What kind of a mom buys white shorts?

Answer:  One who is filled with hope and optimism; a glass is half full type of gal.

Question:  What kind of a mom wears white shorts?

Answer:  A rookie! : )

I would consider myself an optimistic, glass is half full type of person and even admit to being a rookie but I will say it has been many years since I purchased anything white.  Even before I had kids, white was bold territory.  White clothing has to be washed after each wear and survive the current wear with great caution and good luck.  I may be optimistic but I am a very practical person and this amount of care always seemed too fussy for me.

So how is it that I have not only a pair of white shorts in my closet but also a pair of white capris and a pair of white pants?  Who is stocking my closet with these unfriendly items?

I admit, I purchased these articles at some post Labor Day sale at some price too good to pass up.  Surely I was entering into that less messy stage of motherhood wishing the passage of time right there in the store.  With a little bravado and my credit card I made the leap of faith into the white clothing frontier.

Here I am at the beginning of the white wearing season donning my new white shorts and feeling oh so vulnerable to pollen and sticky fingers.  And then the best thing that could have happened happens.  I managed to dribble some iced coffee on my oh so white, not so white any more shorts and the vulnerability subsides.  I was the culprit after all.

These shorts will see the Tide stick and the washing machine tonight (I’m guessing I can scrounge up a load).  So who cares!  I can wear white.  It will see sticky fingers, pollen, you name it, because after all, my kids might be past the baby food and diapers stage but this mom is not afraid to get a little dirty.