You might be a mom if…..

There are some sure fire ways to tell if you are a mom and I don’t just mean peeing on a stick.  If you answer yes to even one of the following, you just might be a mom!

You know you are a mom if…..

you only apply your lipstick in the car.

you point out rescue vehicles to those around you.

you find yourself singing kids songs even when it is just you in the car.

you answer the front door with stickers still applied to your shirt.

you sound like your mother when you say things.

goldfish and cheese sticks are a line item on your monthly budget.

your cell phone is sticky….everything is sticky.

you know your dinosaurs.

you’ve never seen the back of your bathroom door.

you could possibly fall asleep during a bikini waxing.

going to the dentist is relaxing.

your kids hand you their trash when they finish with something.

Welcome to Motherhood!