Wrong Side of the Door

We added a new member to our family last September; a four legged member.  She is a black lab greyhound mix and a sweet dog.  She is a social girl and loves to be with us but we also have a big yard and she enjoys every square inch of it, which means she is always on the wrong side of the door.  Dog owners know what I am talking about; let the dog out, then it wants to come right back in.  It’s endless.

Usually, she scratches on the door to let me know she is ready to change her scenery however, if I don’t come quickly enough she will jump up on the door.  My screen doors have a seer sucker look to them and I have become very handy at fixing them.

Now that the weather has been warmer I leave the door open so she can come and go as she pleases.  I do this when I know I will be tied up with the kids for a while.  Yesterday we headed upstairs to get dressed and I left the door open for the dog; business as usual.  When we came downstairs I heard a frantic fluttering at my kitchen window.  A robin had let herself in and was desperate to get out.  Quickly my mind flashed to a friend who had just removed a giant milk snake from her family room with her bare hands – yes, bare hands!   I saw the photos to prove it.  With her in mind I put on my purple kitchen gloves (not brave enough to bare hand it), took a deep breath (to stall), and scooped up the bird.  I was amazed at how big she was and at how quickly she calmed down once I had her in my hands.  I brought her to an open window and set her free.  Success!   The kids started clapping and jumping up and down.  The dog was barking.  It was an exciting morning.

Fast forward to the weekend and the number one project on the “To Do List” became “Install a Dog Door”.  My awesome husband, weary from road travel, didn’t negotiate for another weekend or “maybe you can call Ron” to get this done.  He headed to Lowes and bought a dog door.  The next thing I know, the saw horses are in the driveway, the tools are out and the project is underway.  This was a total act of love.  No one wants to spend a 90 degree day installing a dog door and yet he did.  He loves me.  Honey, when you read this, the next time I have a project like this in mind my act of love to you will be to  call Ron and let him do it.  🙂

The dog door has been in for 24 hours and life is greatly improved.  The dog has figured out how to use it and comes and goes as she likes.  It is getting good use and now there is no longer a wrong side of the door.