Pizza Muffins

What to cook for dinner tonight?  What sounds good to me and what the kids will eat is a daily challenge.  I envision a Venn Diagram where I like some foods and my kids like some food but there is lots of overlap “both A&B”.  In my perfect kitchen there would be no diagram.  There would be one harmonious circle filled with foods that we all enjoy.  There would be no short order cook and everyone would be members of the “Clean Plate Club”.   That is not the case.  Our kitchen is best depicted by two separate circles – no overlap.  I am holding out hope though.  At some point the short order cook is just going to quit!

Tonight I was hoping to overlap the circles of taste.  I pulled out an old standby: Pizza MuffinsI tried to drum up some enthusiasm.  “You’ve never had pizza muffins?” I asked them in mocked surprise.  “There isn’t a kid around who doesn’t love pizza muffins for dinner.” I was hoping that I wasn’t overdoing it and praying I had all the ingredients.

We assembled the pizza muffins together, spreading the sauce and sprinkling the cheese.  We set them under the broiler and I turned on the oven light for extra drama.  When they were browned and bubbly, I pulled them out and let them cool.  Here it is I thought, the moment I’ve been waiting for, where we all enjoy the same meal.

They sniffed them and pulled at the cheese but didn’t eat them.  I, however, enjoyed my pizza muffins and continued my membership in the  “Clean Plate Club”.  There would be no overlap of taste tonight.  The last time I ate pizza muffins was at a seventh grade sleepover party and they were just as delicious as I remembered.