Born Yesterday

“Mom, come here, I want to tell you something.”  This from my son who is in the water, in a bathing suit and already soaking wet to his me on the shore and dry as a bone.  We lock eyes.  He is hopeful I will move in to hear him.  I stand my ground.  We both crack up laughing.  “Aww, come on Mom, how did you know?” he asks.  I wasn’t born yesterday I think to myself and instead just smile at him.

Later that day we are in the canoe and his paddle happens to extend far enough behind him to dribble on his brother for the umpteenth time.  Younger brother wines and squirms but doesn’t retaliate.  My paddle happens to find its way behind me and dribbles on the offenders lap.  Again he wants to know, “Mom, how did you know I was doing that?”  So I finally told him, “Takes one to know one!”  “You and I kid are what they call older siblings and we are known to do these things.  Just ask your Uncle.”

Come a little closer bro, I have something to tell you!