Need a Little Christmas – right this very minute….

Christmas is available all summer long in Jefferson, NH.  My Mom and I took the boys to Santa’s Village yesterday for a little seasonal joy.  We meandered along route 2 passing logging trucks and cows until we came around a bend and there it was; Santa’s Village, because “even Santa needs a summer vacation”, my oldest says.

We were greeted with “Silver Bells” playing on the loud speaker and the smell of balsam.  Everything was red and green and Christmas spirit was in the air.  The first thing we did was jump on the train and took a ride around the park to get the lay of the land.  Then we headed over to the University for a special card to play the “Elf-abet” game.  This game is ingenious.  The kids go around the park looking for four foot tall elves.  There is one elf for each letter of the alphabet.  When they find the elf, they insert their card and pull a lever which punches a hole in the card for the corresponding letter.  A fully punched card looks like a Christmas tree.  The kids return the completed card to the University and are awarded a diploma and prize.  Not only do the kids have a blast searching for the elves, but each kid is wearing a name tag and the search brings you to all corners of the park – brilliant!

We rode the Monorail Sleigh, the Rudolf Carousel, and the Peppermint Twist Boat.  We learned to fly at “Loopin’ Louis Flying School” and enjoyed a view of the White Mountains from the Ferris Wheel.  We petted the velvety soft antlers on Donner and even decorated gingerbread cookies.  It was a great day at Santa’s Village.  Everyone had fun, the park was in great shape and the staff couldn’t be friendlier.  So if you “need a little Christmas” I highly recommend a visit to Santa’s Village.