“To Infinity and Beyond”

“To infinity and beyond!”  I hear Tim Allen in my mind with full gusto.  Grandpa and I took the boys yesterday to see Toy Story 3 in 3D.  It was a surprise for them and they could hardly stand the suspense.  Nani let the cat out of the bag earlier that morning that we would be doing something special after lunch.  Unfortunately, that was at 9:00 in the morning and for the next three hours these little guys tried to wear us down.  They had met their match though.

When we got to the theater the kids were so excited I think they were afraid to believe it.  I remember that feeling.  The feeling that something is just too good to be true that it actually aches a little.  That is one of the gifts of having kids, being reminded of life’s excitement and pure joy.  How is it that over time these peaks and valleys of emotions start to even into one stratus.

My husband and I enjoy watching “Friday Night Lights” a show about a high school football team in Dillon, Texas.  Aside from a solid story line and good acting I love it for the high school drama.  That high stakes emotion and every sentence beginning with, “I’ll just die if…”.

Sitting in the movie theater with my little guy on my lap and my big guy next to me brings me back to that place of high drama.  My little guy turns his head and nestles into my shoulder during the scary parts while his older brother shouts out at the silver screen in pursuit of the bad guys.  We are in good company.  The other kids his age join right believing that their cheers will affect the outcome.  And maybe it will.  When did I become such a non-believer?