“I’m Lovin’ It”

“I’m Lovin’ It”. It is true McDonald’s, I am loving it! What’s not to love? McDonald’s is just around the corner whenever lunch time or potty time hits. And in the event that potty time hits, you can locate the bathroom in the 2.4 seconds you need before it’s too late. No need to hunt down a waitress and traipse through the dinning room to some back corner behind the bar.  McDonald’s is predictable and predictable is essential when it comes to kids.

Kids are true connoisseurs of what they know. Why not be an expert in, say, PB&J’s? For sure, not all peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are created equal. Sometimes it’s on wheat bread, sometimes white, who knows what you will get for jelly and heaven help you if the peanut butter is the crunchy kind and not smooth Jif. You have to get these things right and McDonald’s is the gold standard in consistency.

For years, McDonald’s was not on my radar screen. Growing up we were a brown bag lunch type of family always planning ahead for meals. Then I became a Mom and realized why “over a Billion have been served” and suddenly I saw the golden arches in a new light. There was one problem though, my kids didn’t like hamburgers.  So here I was ready to be a McDonald’s consumer without any eaters.  Then my good friend enlightened me. “You know”, she says, “they will make your kid a grilled cheese if you ask. It’s not something they advertise but they can do it”. What!!! This is amazing!  I can join moms everywhere and order Happy Meals! So now, I order a grilled cheese Happy Meal and a chicken nugget Happy Meal and everyone is happy!