Night Swimming

It’s been hot all day and the heat has made its way upstairs and has settled in the bedrooms for the night; not exactly good sleeping weather.  My core body temperature is right at that point where if I move from my seat I will break into a sweat.  I wait to feel a breeze that will tell me the heat of the day has passed but instead I feel humidity and the threat of a mosquito.

A cold shower might break my internal heat wave but I like my showers good and hot.  There is something about a cold shower that seems so uninviting.  The feeling I’m longing for is refreshing not invigorating.   I want refreshing like the noise of an icy cold can being opened.  And then I hear what I’m searching for through the outdoor speakers; my husband has found the song “Night Swimming” by R.E.M.

Minutes later we are jumping off the dock one by one with “whoo hooos” and “yee haws” for the rest of the lake to hear.  We are liberated from the rules of swimming when the sun is up and we are unshackled from the heat.  The neighbors peak out of their windows at us with their fans whirling holding their sweaty glasses of iced tea.  The song continues in the background as we float and laugh.  This is summer!