What will you be when you grow up?

We are in the car when we hear this conversation unfold in the backseat…  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” the older asks the younger.  “I want to be a snake,” says the younger.  “You can’t be a snake!”  “But I want to be a snake.”  My husband and I are laughing quietly in the front seat.  “How about a police officer?”  “No, I want to be a snake.”  “How about a traffic light or maybe a motorcycle?” continues the older.  Huh? Where did that come from?  I turn around and notice that my older son is holding a car bingo game, hence the traffic light idea.  They continue back and forth with the younger one finally conceding to be a motorcycle.  Good choice.  Back in my “School Days” keepsake book, I had the following choices:  stewardess, nurse, teacher, model, secretary or mother.  I’m glad my kids don’t feel so boxed in.

It makes me wonder what my kids will be when they “grow up”.  Are they able to think outside of the public service sector that they are exposed to of teachers, policemen and firemen?   Do they know what a marine biologist or a mechanical engineer is?  I don’t want to ask them about their career choice just yet.  I’d like them to keep all roads open.  In the meantime I want them to fulfill their role as kids.

It has been a good summer so far but the best part has been watching the boys become friends.  The have finally reached an age where the younger one can keep up and they can play together. They each have their own favorite things but there is more overlap now.  I enjoy watching the two boys play and help each other out.  It is not all roses and sunshine but we are in a good stage and I am savoring it.  I’m savoring it because I am fearful that it won’t always be this way.   My brother and I are four years apart and couldn’t relate to each other until we both had graduated from college and had more in common.  Now that we have a fantastic relationship it’s sad to think it took us so long to get there.  In contrast, my husband and his brother are less than two years apart and have been best friends their entire life.  So whatever career path they choose in life my hope is that they also choose to have a good relationship with each other.