Super Soaked

It’s a steamy 90 degree Sunday afternoon and my hubby and I are sipping lemonade and eating popcorn with our feet in the kiddie pool.  The kids disappear for a second and come back with little squirt guns.  They fill them up and come after us.  The squirts feel pretty good in this heat and the kids are giddy as they duck and squirt.  Then the game really heats up and the splashing begins.  Meanwhile I am just trying to eat some popcorn in a little peace.  “How’s that popcorn Mommy?” my husband chides.  “Are you enjoying yourself?  How are you doing Mommy?”  Isn’t it relaxing!” he continues.  I’m laughing so hard now I just might get a kernel stuck up in my nose.  It’s true, these relaxing moments of AHHHH, have about a two minute shelf life.

It gets better though, now the kids are using us as cover and squirting at each other while my husband and I get soaked looking at each other.  Very clever of them but then I realize that I can defend myself.  I make a break for it and come back with my big red SuperSoaker (my mother’s day gift).  It takes a long sip from the pool and the kids go running.  AHHH, back to two minutes of peace!