Hanging Out to Dry

My mama and your mama were out hanging clothes.

My mama punched your mama right in the nose.

How many stitches did she get?

One, two, three, four…………

Remember jumping rope to this and other funny little rhymes?  Where is that jump rope?  I can conjure up a handful of rhymes right now…“Cinderella dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss a fella” and “Teddy bear, Teddy bear turn around…”

I am reciting the “hanging clothes” rhyme today while hanging out a load of laundry on the line to dry.  Funny how these childhood ditties come soaring back at different times.  It felt very old fashioned to me all of a sudden; the jump rope rhymes and hanging out the laundry on washday.  I didn’t mind though.  There is something satisfying about hanging clothes out on a dry, sunny day; old fashioned but yet trendy now.


These housewives of  yester-year really had things figured out because when I hang the laundry out to dry it gets folded as it comes off the line.  This is a more efficient than using the conventional clothes drier and having the clean laundry sit in the basket for days…see “Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry”.

I started hanging out clothes to dry on the line a couple of summers ago when oil prices were sky rocketing.  The kids would play in the sand box or kiddie pool and I would get some house work done.  It worked pretty well when the sand stayed in the sandbox and the water stayed in the pool.

One night my husband and I were packing for a trip and he says to me, “Where are all my jeans?  It’s like they have disappeared.”  I was at a loss because the laundry was all caught up.  We searched around a little and wondered if the sock monster had grown into a jean monster.  “You don’t think someone stole them off the line do you?” he asks me.  What a frightening thought!  Imagine someone coming that close to my house and stealing laundry off the line right under my nose.  Yikes!!!  But the joke would be on the laundry thief; my husband is 6’3″ and his jeans are long.  “No, there has to be an explanation.” I say.   Sure enough, the next day we found a forgotten load of laundry in the drier.  It must have been raining the day I did that load.