Filled with the Spirit

We are a family of two boys and with an age difference of only two years, it is pretty competitive around here.   Absolutely everything is a competition to be won and a race to the finish line.  The boys compete on who can get up the stairs first, out the door first, to that tree over there first.  If only it were who can get their pajamas on first, buckled into the car first, or shoes on first.  I am always the winner of those events.  They jockey for position on the couch, in the bath tub and on our laps.  It is like watching puppies roll around and wrestle each trying to assert his status.  When I’m not tired or annoyed, it is actually cute to witness.  I remember racing to the car to get the front seat before my brother and I also remember staking out my territory on the couch with a “don’t go past this line or else” ultimatum that would usually result in our mother curtailing TV viewing for the night.

I have come to appreciate this age when the stakes are high, everything is important and they really care about the outcome.  I mean why not elbow and box out, wrestle and get fired up over the last Popsicle?  Having that fight that will take them far in life.  On an aside my friend asked me; what kind of a Mom leaves just one Popsicle in the freezer?  One Popsicle in the freezer is a guaranteed fight.

This past Sunday as we were leaving church the boys were racing each other to the car and competing for who would get to bat first when they got home.  I called out for them to slow down as they dodged through people.  My husband had a better perspective, “filled with the Spirit” he said and winked at the couple who had just been passed by the boys.