Making a Big Splash

Our town has a pool which is free and open to the public.  I have lived here six years and today was my first visit to the pool.  It is located right in the heart of downtown and so close to town hall that you can see the computer screens of the town officials while watching your kids do cannon balls.  Today I parked in the same spot I usually use for the post office or getting a dog license and walked across the common in my bathing suit and cover-up carrying a tote full of towels and sunblock.

This beloved pool was a gift from the World War II veterans and as such, it is free to all who use it.  If only its cost were free too.  With budget constraints this year it was questionable if the pool would be open for any reasonable length of time if open at all.  In a last push, the town rallied and funded it and the park and rec department launched a fundraising campaign.

I was thinking about the potential loss of the pool today with the din of “Marco-Polo” and “Cannon Ball” in the background.  This pool and the memories made here everyday are truly a gift.  Thank you World War II veterans and all the contributors who make opening its each year possible.  We can’t wait to come back next summer!