Support and Gear

I did a little road biking back in the day (before kids) and on some of the trips we were accompanied by a support and gear vehicle; affectionately known as the “SAG Wagon”.  Traveling with a SAG wagon means you get all the enjoyment without having to haul your own stuff.  It’s great!  Those trips were always better because everyone had more cool stuff to share; People Magazine, music, snacks, clean clothes; you get the picture.

It occurred to me, while stretching out my slumping shoulders, that I am the  SAG wagon for my kids.  My pocket book is super-sized, not because it’s fashionable, but because it’s functional.  Got stuff?  Yes!  Let’s see….

  • Cold weather? – sweatshirt
  • Hunger? – granola bar
  • Thirst? – water bottle
  • Sun? – sunscreen & hat
  • Ice cream? – wet wipes
  • Time to kill? – Happy Meal toys

That is just the beginning of the list.  I can dig out band-aides, Chapstick, old cell phone chargers and expired coupons.  Need any of that?  My Mom has me trumped though.  The woman never carried a diaper bag much less a pocket book.  And yet somehow she managed her way through motherhood carrying nothing more than a small purse and she can produce anything.  (Those of you who know her are all nodding in agreement.)  She has increased the size of her pocket book recently so I can only imagine what she can pull out now.

I am traveling lighter these day.  I’m making more room in my pocket book for my stuff like sunglasses and makeup.  The kids are old enough to tote their own water bottles and a couple of toys or books.  They want their own stuff close at hand.  I still have the essentials but long gone are the changes of clothes and schools of Goldfish crackers.  They still hand me their trash when they are done with something.  “What I am supposed to do with this?” I ask them.  They look at me and shrug, “I don’t know.”  Guess I still have a purpose.