Twas the night before school

It is the eve of kindergarten and our little kindergartner is tucked into bed.  I can hear him upstairs chatting away with his younger brother like they do most nights.  So far there has been no mention of tomorrow’s events.  He seems relatively calm and unphased about the whole deal.  I am sure that attending the orientation and seeing his classroom has helped that.  I sense that I should be more worked up or emotional about this big day but I’m not.  Of course I recognize that this is a very memorable and important milestone but I am trying to walk the line of  making it special without too much fuss to make him feel nervous or under pressure.  I’ll  save that “Pomp and Circumstance” for graduation.

Maybe I feel a little more grounded on this evening because in many ways, I have already been in the public school system.  Our guy has been attending preschool for the past three years.  We are used to the morning get up and go, the notices that come home in the backpack and the rhythm of the school calendar.  The big change for us this year is the bus.  So far there is a lot of excitement about taking the bus but who knows what will happen tomorrow when he actually has to get on it.  I am guessing he will be excited to ride it but he could get cold feet.  We’ll have to see.

More hard for me to believe is that my little man is already six and does things now that I wouldn’t have believed possible.  It is really incredible to watch him grow socially, emotionally, and physically.  I know that this is just the beginning but I appreciate life’s miracle every day.  Tomorrow another chapter in his life begins.  I smile at the roles we have; him participant, me observer.  Fair to say when you are the participant you never give too much thought to the feelings of the observer much less anticipate that someday you too may be one.  And so I will kiss him goodbye and watch him step onto the bus and wait for him to come home and maybe share with me some tidbits from his day.  Lucky me to be the mother of this boy.