Commencement: Rain or Shine

And so it begins.  My oldest boy stepped on the bus, waved goodbye and set sail to his first day of kindergarten.  He did it all in stride.  He was excited, confident and ready to go.  I can still picture him standing in the doorway of the bus; the green striped polo shirt, khaki shorts and an orange and gray backpack.  He smiled, posed for the requisite photo and was off to join his new best friends.

Catching the bus this morning was a bit of an adventure.  As we were getting ready to head out, thunder grumbled in the distance.  Would we make it to the bus stop wet or dry?  We quickly grabbed some umbrellas and were off.  Good thing we grabbed them because it was a torrential downpour complete with thunder and lightening while we waited for the bus.  The kids didn’t mind one bit.  They were busy comparing backpacks, shoes and other stats like favorite snacks and who could run the fastest.  The bus came, the rain subsided and all was well.

Making the trek to the bus stop.

Rain, rain, go away!

We moms and dads seemed to be doing well.  We were having fun chatting with each other like big kids ourselves.  In retrospect it was the younger siblings who had the hardest time with letting go.  We all took photos of our baby birds leaving the nest but missed the opportunity to capture the adorably sad faces of our younger ones saying goodbye to the rudder of their daily routine.

My guy didn’t know what to do when we got back home.  He had me all so himself available for any activity and any game.  I would have even turned the TV on to what ever show he wanted but instead, he chose to lie on the floor with his chin resting on the dog both looking forlorn; so sweet.

The best friends a girl could ask for!

My son and I made it through the morning in large part to the brainchild of my dear friend.  She was thinking with the clarity of a mom who has already sent a child off to kindergarten years before and hosted a “first day brunch”.  This group, our group, has been getting together weekly since our oldest kids were not quite two.  We watched our first-borns toddle around weekly from house to house and then we watched each others bellies swell in anticipation of a whole new batch of knee-biters.  We have supported each other, laughed, cried, shared tips and toys and built friendships to endure a lifetime.  I cherish these friendships and precious time together.  As I watched my oldest son go off to school I wondered what friends he would make and prayed that we will live in this town “forever” so he could have the gift of life long friendships.