Bath Time

We give our children a wonderful experience many nights of the week: bath time.  What could be better than a soak in the tub with toys and bubbles?  It’s no wonder it is so hard to get them out even when the bubbles have dissolved and the water is cold. 

I gave myself the gift of a bath tonight.  In the six years we have lived in this house, this may have been my first real “pretend I’m at a spa” bath.  Sure I dip my feet in the tub while the kids are splashing around and have had  one or two quick scrubs but I’ve never allowed myself the luxury of a long soak in the tub.  After finally stepping out of the tub, I can hardly believe I have robbed myself of this lavish experience all this time.  What wasted opportunities!

It is easy to see how this has happened.  I’m a ‘get up and go’ type of girl.  I wake up and go passing on a morning shower in the hope that at some point during the day I will workout – ha!  I usually shower mid-afternoon.  Not exactly an ideal bath time when you consider that the kids are either upstairs making a trampoline of my bed or downstairs watching a twenty minute episode of “Curious George”.  It’s not long before the clock runs down and its go time again (even if you only got one leg shaved).  Let’s face it, night time is the best bath time and at that point I’ve already had a shower and am sinking into the living room couch.

Tonight was a rarity though.  The opportunity presented itself and I grabbed it.  On an aside, I am wondering if I am late to the party.  Are all you ladies enjoying luxurious soaks and I’m just getting in on this secret?  I hope so. My bath was fantastic.  I dragged out all sorts of dusty bottles of spa product from the back drawers of the vanity.  There were salts and exfoliants I had received from a time in my life when I should have been using them frequently.  I lined them up on the edge of the tub. Each one with the promise of buffing and sloughing me back to a restored beauty.   I wonder if tomorrow I’ll be able to spot those women who bathe spa style.

I sloughed and buffed and soaked and relaxed and tried to get as comfortable as a 5’10” person can get in a contractor grade tub from 1983.  But the house was quite and the water stayed warm and I made silent promises to bathe beautifully once a week….well at least more often.  Next time I won’t be so quick to get my boys out of the tub now that I can relate to their experience.