I’ll Split that with You

My oldest son loves math.  I ask him how school is and have gotten the same reply four days in a row: “We didn’t do any math today.”  I’m not sure where this love of math is coming from.  I was a language and arts kind of a girl and my husband took “Math Review” his senior year in high school as a sanctioned way of dodging Calculus.  I’m kind of hoping we have one of those kids who doesn’t need a lot of help with his math homework if you know what I mean.

My son presses me for math so I bought a couple of math workbooks at Benny’s.  He likes those well enough.  But then I had one of those “Good Mother” moments (count those on one hand) and described to him that math is everywhere.  He looks at me.  “Take this graham cracker for instance.  What happens when I split it in half?” I ask.  “It makes two,” he replies.  “Right, two halves.  Now let’s split each half.  We get four quarters.”  We kept splitting and eating;  5/8ths, 4/8ths, 3/8ths…..  His younger brother joined in munching and counting looking like Cookie Monster.  It was lots of yummy fun.

We had fun eating sleeves of graham crackers and leaving enough crumbs to make Hanzel and Gretel proud or at least the dog satisfied.  I ate my fill too hoping that the calories were working on subtraction rather than addition.