Transformers – more than meets the eyes

Transformers doing their moves!

Halloween is upon us.  Well actually not for another month but that is close enough in this household.  The boys found a circular advertising their favorite alter egos last week and the quest to find the perfect costume began.  They poured over the pages, studying each detail of the costume for accuracy.  They debated about which character to be with the younger echoing the older one’s choice every time.  I chimed in on occasion trying to steer them towards something I could make or something we could do as a family.  I was really gunning for The Incredibles but no one was interested, least of all my husband.

After much deliberation the kids finally narrowed it down to Power Rangers or Transformers.  This would be easy enough to find in the stores seeing how every circular seemed to be offering these protectors of the universe.  I won’t have to worry about any vampires or werewolves getting me this Halloween.  My protectors will carry their light sabers and swords like they’ve been enrolled in fencing their entire life.  I’ll be in good hands.

Transformers made the grade and we found Bumble Bee for one and Optimus Prime for the other.  Naturally the kids held onto their costumes the whole drive home and put them on as soon as we walked through the door.  They did their moves to impress me and Daddy and then pulled out the bin of Transformer toys and started playing.  So far, this early purchase has been worth every penny.  The only question left unanswered is will they still want to be Transformers in a month?