Don’t Change that Dial

I love music and have it on in the background most days.  I usually tune into Coast 93.3 or Pro 92.3.  These stations offer the same variety of hip-hop beats with bad ass lyrics.  It’s the type of music that gets me pumped for the gym or thinking about making plans for the weekend.  There is only one problem with this; it’s not the best choice for those little ears that hear so much.  Listening to “Lady GaGa” while pouring Cheerios for my kindergartner just doesn’t strike me as part of a balanced breakfast.  So recently I changed the dial and it settled on Magic 106.7.

I basically went from one end of the spectrum to the other literally and figuratively.  And when the station identification came on it transported me right back to my childhood.  Suddenly it was 1987 and I was rolling my eyes at my mother’s lame choice in music.  The jingle said it was “the station everyone can agree upon”.  Really?  I wasn’t convinced back then and I’m still not convinced today but the music is a trip down memory lane and the lyrics are good enough for me not to worry about so the dial is stuck for the time being.

The kids are starting to learn the melody to “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John and they sing the station identification from time to time.  It’s pretty funny to hear.  I wonder how much longer I have before they want to choose the station.  I vividly remember winning control over the radio on a family road trip.  After two hours of travel I had finally worn my parent down.  We were twenty minutes from our destination and I was psyched.  I could finally listen to my music.  All was going well until “I Want Your Sex” came on by George Michael.  I was mortified.  Suddenly the minivan wasn’t big enough and there was no place to hide.

Mom and Dad played their hand brilliantly.  They didn’t change the dial.  They let me suffer through listening to all nine minutes of every word.  Could there be anything more painful to a thirteen year old than listening to “I Want Your Sex” in a car with your parents!!!!  Some how I survived.  I’m sure I didn’t ask to change the dial from Magic 106.7 until I had my driver’s license and was safely alone in the car.

So here I am with my dial on a safe bet for the time being.  We may have moved on from the Wiggles but we haven’t ventured far…yet!