Sleep on it

Nestled in among the normal list of errands I run during the course of the week was a trip to a mattress store.  Definitely a bit of a departure from Stop & Shop and Target but a necessary trip none the less.  You see my brother recently changed his status from student to professor (Congratulations Doctor!) and took up a more permanent residence.  The long and short of it is that some of the furniture that we were “storing” for him got called back.  There are no hard feelings here.  The arrangements were very clear from the beginning but I will say that “his” guest room set had gotten very cozy in our home and I was sad to see it go.


My Mom was so gracious and ever equitable.  Since she was making arrangements to transport this and other pieces to my brother’s new digs, she generously offered to buy her grandkids some bunk beds.   (that is another story).  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo we played a veritable game of chess in the upstairs of our home moving pieces of bedroom furniture from one room to another.  The boys got a fantastic new set up but that left our guest room sadly lacking.  The room is a ghost town of pieces of twin bed frames, box springs, a desk and some mix matched lamps.  And because it lacks composure, it has become a catch all for off season clothes, unused comforters, laundry baskets.  Who knows what else is in there.  In short it is a disaster!

My son and I went to Sleepy’s at 1:00 in the afternoon to get a deal on twin mattresses and to bring some resolve to the wasteland behind door number three.  Naturally we tossed our bodies on to the biggest and plushest mattress we could find.  We got all comfy with our heads on the contour pillows and giggled with the novelty of lying on a bed with our shoes on.  Like I said, not your usual mid-day errand.  We went from mattress to mattress and finally settled our bodies on heavenly chunk of space age foam.  I could have seriously fallen asleep if we hadn’t been so rudely interrupted by the salesman.

We got the general run down on a couple of choices but didn’t make the purchase.  I think a nap was really what I wanted.  I’ll have to go back again better rested and after a cup of coffee.