A Little Slice of Heaven


Today is Sunday and like good Christians we went to church. It is a busy weekend for us and on weekends like these it is good to be Catholic with its very accommodating Mass schedule. In our town alone there are three Catholic churches so we would be hard pressed not to find a time when we could attend. In short, we have no excuse.

We typically attend ten o’clock mass on Sundays but today we went to an earlier mass at another church in town. St. Mary’s is a beautiful church just a few blocks away from our usual church. The building is stunning both inside and out. You get the sense you are arriving at someplace important just walking up the steep front steps. At the top, you are greeted by three over-sized oak doors leading you into apparent darkness. Once your eyes adjust and you get your bearing you can’t help but notice a most magnificent altar. It is so stunning in fact that our oldest boy pulled on my husband’s sleeve and asked, “Daddy, is that Heaven?”

As we shuffled into the pew and knelt to pray I thought to myself, yes, this is heaven. Our little boy was in such awe of the beauty of the altar and his surroundings that he truly thought it was Heaven. I praised God for this gift so simple yet so profound. Technically he is right; during the Mass when the host is consecrated and at the moment of transubstantiation we are in the presence of God. But he wouldn’t have known that yet. Instead he saw beauty and felt moved enough to believe in heaven on earth.  Praise God.