Another Slice of Heaven

To close out a fantastic Columbus Day weekend, we decided to go out for pizza and ventured to a new place we hadn’t tried before.  It promised great food and a casual atmosphere.  The atmosphere proved to be pretty dead: “Closed on Mondays”.  We forged on to more familiar territory.

elispizzaEli’s Pizza is the kind of place that you could drive by a million times and not give it a chance.  It doesn’t offer much in the way of curb appeal that brings to mind “hole in the wall”.  But my husband and I knew this place from our dating years and it is perfectly tame and friendly on the inside.  Not to mention that they  make a good pizza and serve beer.

We ordered a small white pizza for the boys and a large family favorite “3P” for us.  A “3P” is pineapple, pepperoni, and banana peppers.  Don’t knock it ’till you try it.  You can’t beat the combination of salty, sweet and spicy all in one.   We got a curious look from the guy who took our order but I’m sure he’s seen some interesting combinations before.

The boys settled into a booth near the TV which the owner changed the channel to “Sponge Bob” while winking at us.  He knew their type and they settled right in leaving my husband and me to enjoy our time together before our food arrived.

By the time the cook delivered our pizzas the boys were already having the night of their life: dinner and Sponge Bob.  Then they took a bite of their pizza and our oldest proclaimed, “This is the best pizza I’ve ever tasted!”  He said it at the volume level kids use so the whole world can hear which made the cook smile.  Just like that the night got even better.

It was a fantastic evening of simple pleasures.  I didn’t have to cook, we didn’t eat anyplace fussy or expensive, we got to watch Sponge Bob and we all had our favorite pizzas.  It was a little slice of heaven.