So many reasons to be thankful

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and a wonderful reminder to stop and smell the roses not to mention those delicious aromas coming from the oven.  I love this time of year for so many reasons; the glorious colors, crisp sunny days and delicious foods.  Autumn is Mother Nature’s gift to us for taking away summer and giving us winter every year.

I can find so many reasons to be thankful in my life but motherhood is a wonderful start.  The list comes easy while the house is settled and peaceful.  It is much harder to be thankful when it’s been two days since a shower, the laundry is piled up and I’m looking for a plunger while the doorbell is ringing.  Stop by some time, you’ll either feel right at home or wish you were home!

So while the house is still quiet here are some of the reasons I am thankful for being a mom.

So many reasons I am thankful I am a mother……

  • I get to play with Play-doh, bubbles, Lite-brite and Legos
  • I get to eat at McDonald’s
  • I can sing silly songs even when I’m by myself
  • I’m never alone (although solitary bathroom time would be nice)
  • I get to buy my clothes and my baby food in the same store
  • I can go out in public with stickers on my shirt and stamps on my hands
  • I have no problem falling asleep
  • Just sitting down is appreciated (even while getting a bikini wax)
  • My hands are never empty and my heart is always full!

To my two boys – I am so thankful for you – I love you – You brighten all my days.