A Marathon of Milton Bradley

It is just another day here on the home front and my younger son and I decided to make the most of this rainy fall morning by diving into a marathon of Milton Bradley board game classics.  The vacuum cleaner stayed tucked into the closet and the dust chided me from the tabletops but my son and I were deep into competitive battle.

Our first challenge of the day was to race our gingerbread men down the lane to the coveted candy castle.  “Candy Land” is his favorite game right now.  He loves to set it up in the living room and wait for someone to play with him.  Someone (me) usually does.  A quick game of “Candy Land” can brighten my day.  I happened to win this round in spite of getting the dreaded “gingerbread” candy card well into the game – a major setback.  My opponent was happy for me and quickly joined me at the castle where we danced our gingerbread men around and the colored cards went flying.

Next we moved onto “Hi-Ho Cherry-O”.  It’s a  simple game of putting tiny fruit back and forth between the tree and the basket depending on the luck of the spin.  There are four trees to choose from; green apples, red cherries, orange oranges, and purple blueberries.  We had fruit salad trees thanks to one sneaky dog having eaten a few.  My son beat me at this game.  He has a way of conveniently re-doing spins that aren’t “good”.

Lastly, we tackled “Don’t spill the Beans”.  This simple little game involves balancing as many beans as possible on a jolly bean pot that bears resemblance to the Kool-Aid man.  We started off following the rules by placing one bean at a time.  That wasn’t nearly as exciting as two beans at a time or six!  We found out that six is the maximum load no matter how many you put on at a time.

We had a great time playing together on our bellies with our feet waving in the air.  The dog occasionally made it interesting by walking on top of the game and then licking our faces as if to say “what about me?”.  I think the vacuum could use an extended vacation so I’ll be ready for round two tomorrow; “Don’t Break the Ice”, “Memory” and “Chutes and Ladders”.  These games can be played with two to four players so feel free to join us.