Post Halloween Syndrome

Halloween has come and gone and the costumes have been retired to the dress up bin. But more importantly, we survived the day after Halloween. They call this “All Saints Day” for two reasons, as a parent of young children you are a saint to get through this day and in order to get through this day, you need the intersession of all the saints. Candy consumption and negotiating are in full swing and emotions are running wild.

We, like many other families, are in the throes of Post Halloween Syndrome or PHS. Many have experienced this. Its symptoms include severe crankiness, refusal to cooperate, occasional melt downs followed by sobbing. (If you are a male reading this – do NOT compare this to PMS – risks are great) PHS is most often found in children and symptoms can last one to three days. Successful treatment can include one or many of the following: leaving the child with a relative, taking the child to a bouncy house facility, and/or setting up a movie marathon. Do not attempt play dates with unfamiliar kids or attempt to give up any bad habit you may have. Success in any of these areas is 0%.

The good news is that PHS is only temporary. The bad news is that it comes back on an annual basis.

Good luck!