Red and Green Shirts

It is red and green around here.  No, we are not getting a jump start on Christmas.  It’s red and green around here because those are my son’s favorite colors and at this age favorite colors are a child’s identity.

Ever since this little guy was born his favorite color has been red.  He was even born a redhead.  This works out well in our house because everything that is red belongs to son #2 and everything that is yellow belongs to son #1.  All blue items are to be shared and anything pink or purple must be Mommy’s.

It did get a little tricky last year when “a red shirt” became his daily uniform.  Luckily we had three in his size but it moved laundry up a notch on the chore list.  Can’t clean the bathrooms today got to make sure the red shirts make it through the spin cycle. After telling this to a good friend I found a bag of hand-me-down red shirts hanging from my side door to get me through this “phase”.  A phase that lasted six months until summer gave us the need for short sleeves.

Phases come and go and so do favorite colors.  I thought red was “dyed in the wool” for this guy but just this morning green became the new red.  After a three year relationship with red, he woke up and proclaimed to the world (me and the dog) that green is his new favorite color.  Getting dressed was a bit tricky this morning trying to pull something green out of a sea of red but we settled on green striped: good enough.

He picked a good time to change his color because he has grown into a new clothing size.  Move over red 4T and make room for green 5T.  This December he’ll have the joy of both colors when the world presents itself in red and green.  Until then I have a little scrounging up to do.