Just a Little Longer

This afternoon we went for a swim at the YMCA pool.  We had an open afternoon and the day was chilly and overcast so we decided to revisit summer for a couple of hours.  The kids were excited because it was so out of the ordinary; the idea of free swim instead of structured swim lessons and excitement of “Daddy” in the pool!

There is something to be said for having a male in the pool; dad, uncle, grandpa, older cousin, take your pick.  Anyone of them is way more fun than their female counterpart who is more concerned with the fit of her suit, the application of sunblock or the temperature of the water to fully appreciate the jumping and splashing needs of the little ones.  I remember this to be true in my childhood.  There was always an uncle in the pool ready to throw us into the deep end or let us dive off his shoulders.  It was so much fun we couldn’t get out of the pool no matter what shade of blue our lips had turned.

This was the case with our Daddy this afternoon.  There was endless jumping off the side of the pool and shouts of “watch me Daddy!”.  We played catch and keep away while the kids rode on our backs and jumped off our knees.  When I finally got cold, Daddy stayed on with the kids.  That’s what Dad’s do.  “Just a little longer” is still part of their persona.

And so we stayed and enjoyed just a little longer – well Dad did anyway while I adjusted my suit and got warm on the pool deck.  ; )