Pure Belief

I took the kids to visit Santa at the mall.  It was only November but it was raining, we had no other plans and I was willing to bet there wouldn’t be any lines.  Why wait for the madness?  I did have a little twinge of guilt since it’s people like me that cause the retailers to push “the season” upon us at Halloween.  I vowed not to put up my Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving and toted the kids to the mall anyway.

On our way there, the kids were busy chatting up what was on their list.  I was enjoying my peace and quite until it dawned on me that I should be listening to them lest “Santa” get it wrong.  There was mention of Bakugan, Pokemon, Master Yoda and the new Toy Story movie.  It seemed like a pretty reasonable list; trading cards, figurines, and a family movie to watch on Christmas Day.  The only problem was that between this date in November and Christmas stood powerful commercials, circulars and friends sharing their expensive ideas.  I wanted to freeze their current lists.

We arrived at the mall and spotted Santa all alone in his big chair.  He waved us over and the kids climbed onto his lap.  They told him their wish lists and prayed they were on his “Nice List”.  With some prompting they wished him Merry Christmas and headed back to me.  I was busy emptying my purse to pay for one 5×7 and a few wallets that capture this memory of their belief in Santa.  It’s no wonder we carry on this sweet little deception.  The “Magic of Christmas”, the innocence, the surrender of being swept up in the spirit fuel the tradition.

The kids will have to wait until Christmas to get their wishes but I left the mall with mine completely fulfilled.  It was my privilege to watch the spirit and the magic of the season in my own children.

Cookies for Santa