Warm Thanksgiving Memories

This year we traveled over the Connecticut River and through the woods to Vermont for Thanksgiving. There is nothing like being deep in New England to celebrate this very Yankee holiday. There were lots of family, a couple of dogs and a few kids toddling around. We enjoyed each other’s company and did traditional Thanksgiving activities like watch football, play football and eat and drink. It was awesome.

One of my favorite memories (and there were several) from the weekend was playing charades. You need a big, fun group to pull this off and we had it! My personal favorite was watching my mother-in-law pull off “Ranger Rick”. I won’t tell you how we guessed it but think of what might rhyme with Rick. There were tricky ones like “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “Strawberry Short Cake” and easier ones like “Gold Finger” and “James Bond”. It didn’t matter who was up or what was chosen because each one resulted in a fit of laughter which was good for digestion and great for the soul.

Another great memory was watching the new bumper crop of cousins play with each other – four boys. Boys with a capital B. I watched them from the kitchen as they played street hockey in the foyer with shrunken nets and a foam ball. They were competitive but tender with each other all rolled up in one: a precious vision of their future friendships.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday. It is wrapped up in warmth, family, food and tradition like putting on a cozy over-sized sweater and your favorite furry slippers. It is about getting together, breaking bread, saying “Thank you” and “I love you”. I am grateful for my entire extended family and feel blessed to be in their company no matter what the holiday. I pray that our boys and their cousins feel the support and love of the extended family wrapped around them like a strong bear hug.

November turns into December and we change the decorations but the warmth of family remains the same as we journey from Thanksgiving to Christmas.