A Practice Play Date

Today my son had a play date with two friends from his class.  I was a little leery of having two kids over at the same time in the event that someone might be the odd man out but they did great.  I did the subtle eavesdropping by doing chores in the next room.  Play dates are great for house work; I’ve never done so much ironing!

As they were playing I realized that these play dates might change in style but the format will be the same for the rest of their lives.  Let me make a comparison between my husband going to his friend’s house to watch a football  game and my son having his friends over….

Food:  Hubby had chips and beer……Kids had pretzels and juice

Location Basement:  Hubby calls it “man cave”……..Kids call it “play room”

Entertainment:  Hubby had High Def TV……..Kids had Sony Kid CD player

Topics of discussion:  Sports and gadgets………Sports and toys…..(girls?)

Sure, there might be all sorts of mischief in the middle years but the basic framework is the same.  Today was just a practice session for the rest of their lives.