Sneak a Peek then Off to Bed

Last night we had some or our friends over to celebrate the Christmas season.  The kids and I had been preparing for the night all week by decorating, shopping and cleaning.  They knew something was brewing but were disappointed when they discovered that it was just for grown-ups.  “What! Why can’t we come?”, they pleaded.  “You have your play dates but this time it’s our turn.”  I responded.  “Now, who wants to help me clean the bathroom?”

We had already put the kids to bed when our friends arrived and the doorbell rang but the kids couldn’t help but sneak a peek.  I found them sitting halfway up the staircase together leaning forward to listen to all the excitement.  They were so cute; brothers working together in espionage.  My brother and I used to do the same thing.  We’d sneak halfway down the stairs thinking that our parents would never know and then we’d get to learn all about these mysterious adults.  Inevitably we’d be spotted and sent “off to bed’.

I took the kids downstairs so they could say hello to the mysterious adults that also happen to be their friend’s parents.  The older one said hello and the younger one mostly peered out from behind my skirt and pulled on my nylons nervously.  Once they said their hellos and goodnights it was “off to bed” for them too.