The Men are at the Mall

It is December 21rst and I just returned from a trip to the mall.  You can tell there are only three possibly four shopping days left.  No, it wasn’t a zoo, people weren’t pushing and shoving; that may come later or hopefully not at all.  The reason I could tell we were so close to Christmas was the striking change in shopper demographics: the mall was full of MEN.  Ladies they are out there in force shopping for you!

It made me smile to see them poking around the racks trying to find something – anything that says “this is the perfect gift” and hopefully something that says “I didn’t wait until the last minute”.  There were men young and old shopping for wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters.  I loved watching an older gentleman walk around with a gorgeous white bathrobe draped over his arm while he tried to find the perfect corresponding slippers.  It was too sweet.  I could just imagine his wife putting on her old bathrobe on Christmas morning and her husband offering her the perfect replacement.  Beautiful!

So take heart women – they are getting it done – today!

P.S. – I was at the mall shopping for my father : )