Snowy Days

Every year I dream of a “White Christmas”; that beautiful blanket of whiteness that calms the madness of the season and invites us to cozy up inside for a while.  I love the snow.  I find it mesmerizing to watch it fall and I love the way it keeps us inside and entices us to do old-fashioned things like play boardgames and build blanket forts over card tables.  I love the day after when the sky is sunny and the snow is clean and it calls us outside to do fun things like build snowmen and go sledding.

Snow days provide so many opportunities: snow forts, snowmen, snowball fights, snow angels and best of all, sledding!


Tomorrow the boys will wake up, survey the landscape and immediately ask  me to take them to the sledding hill.  The sledding hill is just over a mile away at the base of a Methodist Church.  This is apt because the first time down the hill you can’t help but say a prayer for fear that you will go flying straight into Route 1.  It looks this way but it is perfectly safe. (if you’re not Chevy Chase on a metal flier)

Tonight’s storm didn’t arrive in time to give us that “White Christmas” but it came with plenty of time to enjoy the snow over school vacation week.  Like the boys, I too am looking forward to playing in the snow and going sledding and of course, drinking lots of hot chocolate.