Four Legged Family Member

Our girl just lounging around.

Today we gave the dog a bath.  I usually get around to it about a month after I first think about it.  I tend to put it off and put it off until I can’t stand it anymore.  I don’t understand why I make a big deal of it.  It doesn’t take that long and the dog is very good about it.  In fact today she jumped into the tub before I had turned on the faucet.  Maybe she had been looking forward to it as long as I had been putting it off.

My younger son joined right in on the fun.  He figured the dog needed some enticing so he told her she was going upstairs to get an ice cream cone.  Ice cream cone – really? Not sure where that came from but the dog liked it and charged into the empty bath tub.  Then he proceeded to give her all the bath toys I had just removed.  Oh well, I guess she might as well have some fun in the tub too.  The kids will have furry bath toys to play with tonight.

While I scrubbed the dog, I remembered of one of my favorite bedtime stories, “Harry the Dirty Dog”.  The book is about Harry, a white dog with black spots who gets so dirty that he becomes a black dog with white spots.  He is so dirty that his family doesn’t recognize him until he begs for a bath.  The children give him one and discover it was Harry their dog after all.  I could picture the illustrations in the book perfectly.  Come to think of it, Harry is not too unlike my black furry friend in the tub at this moment.  They’d be good pals.

My reverie ended when the dog jumped out and gave my son and me a shower the way wet dogs do.  We threw towels over her and dried off the bathroom and ourselves.  She ran around the house and we chased after her.  Then she begged to be let out to and roll around in the grass and dirt!

I have a cleaner dog but a furrier bathroom.  She certainly makes for extra house work but she brings joy and excitement to our family and we love her much the same way Harry’s family loved him.