Todd and Froag

I’m pretty exhausted this week as evidenced by my pathetic bedtime story narration.  Child #1 wanted his usual; a selection from the “Magic School Bus” series.  These stories are very clever and educational but better suited for daytime reading.  As we read about computer programming, my mind kept wandering to Ms. Frizzle’s up-do wondering if I could make my hair do the same and would anyone know who I was if I dressed up as her for Halloween; probably not – definitely not.  Thankfully this child cannot fully read and I hacked the story about computer programming down to a few kilobytes.  At this point I was yawning so much it was impossible to understand what I was reading.  As if understanding how a school bus fits into the CPU isn’t hard enough!

Moving along, child #2 sweetly hands over “Frog and Toad are Friends”.  Now this is a better bedtime story!  It tells silly and endearing tales about these two amphibious friends.  The only problem is that I kept referring to them as Todd and Froag.  At first they thought I was being silly but by the ninth time it had lost its humor and my cover was blown.  “Mommy, do it right!” they pleaded.  Little did they know I was desperately trying to.  Thank goodness they didn’t pick a Dr. Seuss book tonight.  There is no way I could have made it through “fox in socks on box….”

Clearly I will not be doing much of my own bedtime reading tonight.  I’ll settle for being a listener / wine drinker at book club instead of active participant.  I think I can live with that!  There is not a prayer that I would make it though one paragraph of what I’m currently reading.  Heck I’d even have problems reading “People Magazine” at this rate!  Guess I had better call it quits for the night!