Chopstick Skiing

Yesterday was a snow day and the kids and I were thrilled to have this gift of a reprieve from the normal routine. Outside it was a winter wonderland of white and it was still snowing so we were definitely home-bound for the day or at least the morning. Our first order of the day was “Pancake and Pajama Breakfast”. This was a Friday morning tradition before the kids were in school so it’s an extra special treat today. I fired up the griddle and thawed the sausage links – yum.

The next thing I noticed was hardly typical of our morning routine. The kids were “skiing” the length of the family room from the kitchen to the garage. These little snow bunnies had found chopsticks and decided to use them as ski poles. Standing in the kitchen they tucked their “poles” behind them with one hand and grabbed hold of the pretend rope tow with the other and whoosh, they were whisked off to the other end of the family room. Once there they dropped the “rope”, got into position and skied back to the kitchen using their poles for extra effect. With just the two of them at our family room ski resort they got in countless runs before breakfast was served.

Chinese Chopstick Ski Poles

They found an extra set of poles for me and made room in the rope tow queue. With the griddle turned off and poles in hand I set off for a morning on the slopes. We got in lots of runs and even hit the slopes again later in the afternoon. Chopstick skiing is a great take; no lift lines, warm and cost effective. So while it’s too blustery and cold outside, we’re getting lots of practice inside.