Common Cents

My older son has taken an interest in money.  Actually, he has been interested in the value of the dollar for a while now.  It began when he opened a lemonade stand and earned $14 after a few hours of “work”.  I tried to tell him that this was an exceptional day; weather conditions were perfect, limited competition, the right price point and he was not likely to have that type of success again.   He was not discouraged and has been outlining his plans for expansion next spring to his younger brother.

But spring is a long ways off and we are currently in the middle of winter with  its inherent chores – wood stacking, snow shoveling, bird feeder filling.  The earning potential is virtually endless for an ambitious boy!  The first chore he decided to tackle was wood stacking with Grampa.  I was thrilled to see the two of them spending some quality time together accomplishing a task.  They stacked the bin full and Grampa gave his helper $6 for the assistance.  $6!!!!  He proudly showed us the bills and then tucked them away safely.  Even he recognized he had made out well.  With quick earnings like that he won’t have to do many chores to feel flush with cash.

Yesterday, he and I were out doing errands when he spotted a tube of plastic train cars.  It was love at first sight.  He tried to get me to buy it but I replied with my standard line of  “Did you bring your money?”  Turns out he had.  He thought about it for a while, took a couple of laps around the store and finally decided to make the purchase.  He was thrilled.

The Proud First Purchase

The Proud First Purchase

It’s fun to watch him look at the price of an item and calculating its worth.  He is smart enough to ask us to buy it first though.  The other day he says to me, “Mom, I have more money than you do.”  “Oh?” I reply.  “Yeah, you spend yours and I save mine so I have more.” He is absolutely right.  That’s just common cents.