The Worst Snowman Ever

The Worst Snowman Ever!

We got about 8-12 inches of snow on Tuesday night which led to school being canceled on Wednesday and a two hour delay on Thursday.  So with all this gorgeous ground cover there was not a “snowball’s chance in hell” that we weren’t going to build a snowman.

The first order of business was to get the fixings ready.  We pulled out a carrot from the fridge for the nose, some rock hard prunes from the pantry for the eyes and somehow managed to locate the piece de resistance – the corncob pipe!  The pipe was a pick up from our travels to Clark’s Trading post over the summer.  And a trading post is just the kind of place you’d expect to sell corncob pipes, pop guns, and coon hats.

The second order of business was choosing the location.  I wanted to be able to see it from the house but it had to be out of reach from our four legged snowman eater and protector of the property.  With all the logistics taken care of we set to work only to discover it was NOT snowman making snow.  How could this be?  It was a beautiful sunny day, not too cold and the snow was sticking to everything else.  Not one to be discouraged I started shoveling snow into a great big heap.  My son was totally disillusioned.  “This is not how you are supposed to do it Mom! You are doing it all wrong!” he yelled.  “Oh yeah, well then you go build your own and see how it works out for you!” I retorted.  (admittedly not the happiest of scenes) In an effort, he threw some snow around and then left me to go play with the dog.

I gave it my best effort.  My boy came around to check on me just as I was finishing and declared, “That is the worst snowman I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”  I’ll let you be the judge but at least the the snowman is smiling.