Where have all the socks gone?

Where have all the socks gone? Plenty have gone straight to the trash, many to the dust rag pile, some have been chewed by the dog but what about the rest? I was a business major in college and believe me when I tell you that there is no accounting for all the missing socks.

One culprit could be the sock monster. You’ve heard about him from your mom I’m sure. He’s that monster that lives in the drier and has an insatiable appetite for socks. But since I’ve been telling the kids for years that there are no monsters in the basement, I can’t blame him. So back to our original question: Where have all the socks gone?

I received the answer to my question this Saturday as I stripped the beds and socks came flying out from the corners of the fitted sheets. They had been hiding in these dark corners all week just waiting to meet their mate. We were at a Saturday morning Sock Hop! My cynical business mind started thinking…… I bet the sheet manufactures and the sock manufactures got together to drive sales. How can we sell more socks? Get them stuck in the fitted sheets. I think the advent of fitted sheets improved sock sales.

Going forward, I’m going to do a better job sweeping out the corners of those fitted sheets and get my socks happily paired up. It will be like Match.com around here next week. I won’t have as many dust rags but I hate dusting anyway!